• Mafietta The Series ”Buckle your seat belts and hide your kids
    because Mafietta is one relentless thrill ride
    from beginning to end.”
    — Coco, Reader

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  • Mafietta TV Pilot Directed by Damon Dash,
    based on the
    E.W. Brooks series

  • The Collector's Edition Read the first 3 books in the Mafietta series.


Mafietta: The Trilogy

CLARKE WILLIAMS’ desire for love and power manifests itself nightly in the same mysterious dream. She makes love to the same man each time, but it isn’t normal sex. Having sex with this man is to juggle feelings of power, intrigue, and danger all at once.

Clarke drowns herself in her work to escape the reality of being single and lonely at thirty. Despite her best efforts, she cannot ignore her longing for love, adventure, and power. Clarke needs a man and this time she wants a bad boy.

Their perfect love story falls apart when a tragic turn of events force Clarke to run the family business. When a good girl turns mafia queen, she is forced to choose between the love she's always wanted and a lifestyle she's grown to hate

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Mafietta IV: Changing Tides

It's been 4 years since the Port City Kings went legit and Clarke couldn't be happier.

That is, until she finds out what Errol has really been doing in his spare time. Despite Clarke's attempts to escape the ghosts of her past, her husband's decisions may have just cast her back into the throws of the underworld.

Now, Mafietta must make some very serious decisions concerning her son, her husband, his business, and their future.

Follow the unexpected twists and turns in Mafietta 4:Changing Tides to see if their marriage survives when Love and Lifestyle collide.

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Behind the Scenes of Mafietta

Dame Dash, Murda Mook, and Delishis clown around on the set of E.W. Brooks' Mafietta. Also with Actress Saudia Mccray.

Damon met the author at one of his Poppington Seminars and the rest is history. Don't just wait for film. Check out the book too!!

Filmed by Andrew Richard.