An Escape 2 Sisterhood with Suprena Hickman

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Tis the season of giving, and this week, the Mafietta Movement has chosen to equip our female subscribers with outlets to empower themselves in the upcoming year. We begin our journey with Suprena Hickman. She had a vision to create an organization that would provide women with the ability to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.


Suprena says the epiphany came to her as she found herself surrounded by broken women. This close knit group of women began to share their hurts and came to the realization of the detrimental impact that past sufferings have on future decisions. These women found a great deal of peace in leaning on each other as they dealt with their issues. After experiencing the beauty of acceptance and sisterhood, Suprena was dedicated to creating a way to do the same for other women.

In turn, Escape 2 Sisterhood was born. E2S encourages women to accept their faults as part of the growing process. They don’t simply promote self-acceptance, but also the importance of simply taking care of yourself. Suprena explains, “We as women are so busy taking care of everyone else, that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. As a result, we sometimes look around and have no idea who we’ve become.”

Over the last seven years, Suprena and her partner Stephanie have provided a platform that influences women to grow and support each other via their annual Escape 2 Sisterhood. These weekend getaways provide a number of workshops and events that empower women by helping them to acknowledge their past while providing them with ways to move forward. It is a bonding experience that draws participants back year after year. Their annual fashion show is something to be seen and an experience to be had.

While most fashion shows focus on putting the smallest figure in the tiniest dress, an E2S fashion show couldn’t be more different. Their only requirement of participants is that they be able to walk in heels. E2S provides everything else and actually uses the event as an esteem building exercise. They equip their participants with the walk, smile, and attitude.

E2S teaches that confidence is key to happy living. They have even designed their first piece of jewelry, a necklace, as a reminder to wear their self-assurance daily. A well known Colorado jeweler was so inspired by the cause that he has helped them create their first piece, with others to soon follow. E2S events also give vendors an opportunity to showcase their products while networking with others. Suprena says, “It’s all about helping each other, encouraging each other, and staying connected.”


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All in all their message is simple – you don’t have to deal with life’s issues alone. You can escape – Escape 2 Sisterhood.

Suprena is indeed a women living her dream and embracing her Mafietta.

To connect with Suprena and Escape 2 Sisterhood, visit their website or Facebook page to get information on their upcoming Charleston Escape or to join their mailing list and receive their quarterly newsletter.

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