The Army Changed my Life Forever – The Mellecia Mitchell Story

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After losing her father at the age of 3 to homicide, Mellecia Mitchell was determined to follow in his footsteps and become an accountant. She was naturally good at Math and “wanted to carry on his (her father’s) living,” via her own life.

However, the Universe had something different planned for Mellecia. Despite living a good life in Jamaica, her family migrated to the United States for an even better opportunity. New York was the first place she and her family called home.

As time passed, Mellecia’s dream to become an accountant faded. Directly after high school, she made the hard choice to enlist in the United States Army because she did not want to take on the financial burden of college. She saw the military as an opportunity to create a secured future for her family.

However, don’t feel sorry for Mellecia. She admits that the Army has changed her life for the better. She now has the financial security she longed for as well as an opportunity to complete her college education. Her intelligent career choice will provide her with benefits for her and her family even after she retires and well on into her future.

Mellecia confesses that, “being a Service Member has it pros and cons,” but she can’t say that there have been any intolerable situations or extreme moments that have negatively impacted her life. She explains that, “no one thing or one person is perfect and if I had chosen another profession, it is possible there would have been similar situations.”

When asked how she adjusts to the constant relocating, she responds with ease,

“Adjusting to the constant relocating was never much of a problem for me. Throughout most of my career, I was a single Soldier, so when it was time to move, I just accepted it. I always try to stay positive and look at the good in all things. Change is good and a move every 3 years in the military is more than enough time to appreciate the places I have lived.”

photos used courtesy of  Mellecia Mitchell

photos used courtesy of Mellecia Mitchell

Staff Sergeant Mellecia Mitchell has deployed four times in service to our country and is currently serving in Kuwait. However, she does not allow distance to alienate her from her loved ones. Technology has made the process of staying connected a great deal easier. “Having my laptop is the greatest asset I have to stay in touch with family. Phones are available too, so that is also another option.”

SSG Mitchell is in constant communication with her 2 year old son. “I get the opportunity most days out of each week to Skype home. This allows me to stay in touch with him and my family. I call home often as well (thanks to the internet and Magic Jack!!) – so even though there is a huge distance between us, we stay close and connected. That helps to close the gap imposed by distance.”

When asked what advice she would give to someone considering the Army as a career choice, SSG Mitchell responded by saying,

“This question is my favorite because I am looking to become an Army Recruiter. This will give me the amazing opportunity to genuinely thank the military for the change enlisting made upon my life. The military is a great career choice for any type of security (physical, financial, educational, medical etc.) and I just want to pay it forward.

Joining the military will not just improve life for the service member, but for their family as well. This is why I strongly encourage anyone to become a member of the Armed Services.

SSG Mitchell knows what it means to serve her country. She felt the need to do more to help our society and be a part of an entity, “grounded in a ‘plethora’ of tradition.”

She sums up her sentiment by saying, “Though many Service Members have gone before me, and though there will be many more to come after me, I will be most proud to say that: as a female and naturalized citizen, once from a very little Caribbean island (Jamaica) – I was able to become a small part of US history as a Soldier and a Veteran.”

“The Unites States is truly the land of the free and home of the brave. For that I am forever grateful. God bless America and God bless our troops!”

This lady is living her dreams, while being dedicated to her country and her family. This lady is Mafietta!! Thank you for your service and we are so glad to have you home from the sand box.  YOU ROCK!!  YOU ARE #MAFIETTA.


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