Army Wife Organizes Clarksville Event to Discuss Ebola

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Local Army wife who identifies with the need to spread the truth about Ebola, our troops, and our families organizes a Town Hall to discuss the Ebola Epidemic.

I don’t think anyone can miss the news coverage, or Facebook and Twitter posts about the Ebola Epidemic. The television and internet are flooded with information about the disease, its prevention, contraction, and ways to protect yourself and your family. However, when comparing data across these various sources, I could see the confusing and conflicting information presented to the masses.

I reflected on the public opinion of my associates in regards to the Army’s deployment to Africa. My heart broke as I thought of all of the families who would be spending their holiday season without their spouses because they were gone to fight this deadly disease. That is when I felt a call to action and quickly pulled a team together to address the issue.

Watch this video to understand how Ebola started and how it spread.


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We decided to provide a forum that would give these military families additional reassurance that their troops are well protected and not being haphazardly placed into harm’s way. This led me to reach out to Mr. Philip Grey, Military Correspondent from the Leaf Chronicle. His extensive coverage on troop readiness and safety made him the perfect candidate to educate and reassure Army Families that our troops are being well prepared to fight this epidemic.

It was equally important to the “Stamp Out Ebola” Team that members of our community be afforded the same pertinent information concerning the virus. It was also key that a local official be on hand to hear community concerns. Rep. Joe Pitts of Tennessee’s District 67 was quick to answer the call and will be on hand to speak about the community’s fight against the virus. Rep. Pitt’s office was very responsive to the need for information and has been a great asset.

November 15th is Stamp Out Ebola Saturday and E.W. Brooks Books will be presenting a Town Hall to Discuss the Ebola Epidemic.

The event begins at 9 am with a Pancake Fundraiser. All breakfast plates are $5 and proceeds will benefit “Save the Children.”

This organization is dedicated to building Ebola clinics for orphaned children.

Ebola, End Ebola Now

The Town Hall Forum will begin at 10am and is FREE to the public.

Current event sponsors include: The Fly Group, My Girls, and the Mafietta Movement. Click here if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this Clarksville, Tennessee event.

Space is limited and registration is required. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your questions about Ebola and our troops answered at this community event.

For more information, visit the Stamp Out Ebola website or click here to attend.



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