Author Turned Publisher Accepting Indie Author Manuscripts

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Author Turned Publisher Accepting Indie

E.W. Brooks is an author turned publisher; currently accepting urban manuscripts. Check out her story and submit your manuscript below.

“As if writing an urban fiction novel wasn’t challenging enough; finding a publisher for the material was even more daunting. After tons of “No, thank you. Keep trying.” I decided to do things differently. I decided to do things my way. I created a publishing company dedicated to the indie author.

It is important that writers be able to tell their story in their own way. I don’t believe in setting stringent word count requirements. Instead, I seek writers who have interesting and captivating stories, no matter the page number. I have published short stories, novellas, and full length novels.”  – E. W. Brooks


E. W. Brooks Books is the culmination of those experiences. This new publishing company is currently accepting urban fiction submissions. If you are an urban fiction writer with some great material; connect with E.W. Brooks, today. This small business is a great place to launch your independent writing.

Do you have a manuscript that you’re ready to share with the world?

Click here to send E.W. Brooks a personal message.

Check out the latest novels published by E.W. Brooks Books

new releases

The Road to Mafietta: 

A pregnant Clarke is shot, just days after her wedding, and lies in a coma.

Now she must find the courage to relive her tumultuous past, or be separated from everything she loves, forever.

I Am My Father’s Son:

After living a life of struggles with no father and a drug addicted, alcoholic mother, Shaniyah found security in the arms of her childhood friend Samir. Things take a turn once Samir rescues Shaniyah from her living situation, and they get involved in a serious relationship. 

Samir wants to turn his life around for the better, but hustling is the only way he knows to survive. One bad decision after another will lead his son spiraling down the same dead end road.

Will this generational curse end or will it lead to a lifetime of trouble for this father and son?


The Mafietta Movement provides tips to empower, encourage, and educate.

Mafietta Monday

highlights entrepreneurs, writers, and other people living their dreams.

Wellness Wednesday

provides tips to help you stay healthy and balanced.

Saturday Style

answers some of the questions you have about hair and fashion.

 Connect with Author, E.W. Brooks via her Facebook pageTwitter, and official website. This series is unlike anything else you’ve read. These fast paced pieces of serialized fiction grab the reader’s attention in the first few pages and never let’s go.



Mafietta Reloaded

By day, Clarke is the educated powerhouse executive assistant for, prominent defense attorney, Eric Smith. However, this take charge professional isn’t nearly as successful in love. After her last break-up, Clarke seeks a new type of man; one who can offer loyalty, love, and adventure.

Errol Bellow, a successful entrepreneur, is everything Clarke ever wanted in a man, but hides a secret lifestyle that could tear them apart forever.

When Clarke finds Errol in a compromising situation that could lead to his arrest, he poses Clarke with a life changing proposition

Not only can you read Mafietta. You can watch it, too.

Check out these teasers for Mafietta.

(Warning, explicit language. Not suitable for children.)

Here is another look into Mafietta. Story by E.W. Brooks. Directed by Jahmar Hill. Screenplay by Alicia Allen.

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