Mafietta Makes Strides: Almost at 100,000 YouTube Views

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Mafietta Makes Strides | The Mafietta Movement is making major strides as Official Selection in 4 film festivals. In festivals ranging from North Carolina to places like Nashville and New York City, Mafietta is making its mark. The project trailer starring Hip Hop’s most recognized Battle Rapper, has garnered almost 100,000 views. HELP MAFIETTA REACH […]


Sincerely, Your Hater

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Sincerely, Your Hater A Rhythmic Rant by Author E.W. Brooks   The game says, “I’ll call you when I need you. We’re not really friends.  I was at the end of my rope with no where to go so I hitched my goals to your dreams learned all I could, like how to pick up […]


PIECES : Credit Cards, Lifestyles and Fake Smiles

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PIECES: Credit Cards, Lifestyles and Fake Smiles | This month, the Mafietta Movement’s New Release Bulletin is highlighting PIECES, a webseries created by a dynamic husband and wife team. A group of women from Brooklyn, NY discover the secret world of credit card scamming and quickly take it over. However, as they rise in this […]

CHURCH: Created by E.W. Brooks and Melinda Nixon

Author E.W. Brooks Releases Sneak Peek Into “CHURCH”

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Author E.W. Brooks releases sneak peek into her latest film, “CHURCH.” CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SNEAK PREVIEW OF CHURCH TO MEET MELANIA TITE This group tells the story of Deacon Randall Tite and his wife Melania. Read more about their story below:   Melania Tite is a bible toting, scripture quoting Christian doing everything […]


Nas and Mafietta at Centerstage for CIAA 2016

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NAS | Congratulations are in order. We’ve just read that Kanye West has promised President Obama that he’d produce on your next album. Click here to read the article appearing on The Mafietta Movement was able to catch up to Nas for a few at Charlotte, North Carolina’s – Centerstage. Their CIAA event, hosted […]


Hurdles in Your Life: You must LEAP

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Hurdles in your life: you must leap | Last night my sister and I were speaking and she said to me, “You can’t keep stopping each time you get to a hurdle. You must leap over them.”    I woke up with that – you MUST leap over them. And I can’t lie to you […]