Boost Your Book Sales: 5 Easy Ways

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Copy of EW Brooks Author Catalog

Copy of EW Brooks Author Catalog


BOOST YOUR BOOK SALES | Writing a book is a task that should be commended. The countless hours it takes to create a novel discourage many BUT if you’re “bout it” enough to get to the next step in the process; it is important to understand the things that should happen next.

As an author, there are things one must do to establish their presence in the market. Here are some tips:

Fall in LOVE with social media. It will be one of your best and least expensive allies.

Creating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are a must. It is vital to connect with your target customer as often as you can. Once you have their attention. Keep them engaged with posts that include games, trivia, and general conversation. Your frans (friend+fan=fran) will want to know more about you. Know what you want to share. Stay consistent and KEEP IT CLASSY.

Join Other Groups

Virtually all genres of writing have Facebook groups. Don’t be afraid to join. Learn the rules of the game. is also a great resource for listing your book. It offers a forum to connect with other authors and readers. They allow a free book giveaway for registered authors that provides a great way to connect with new groups. Goodreads forums also allow authors to ask each other questions

Sharing is a Good Thing

Sharing is vital to the success of an author. Don’t be afraid to ask authors to swap likes, follows, reviews, and anything else that can be reciprocated. Share your book with some of your most loyal fans by gifting copies through Amazon. (It still counts as a sale.)

Separating the Business and the Personal

As your fan base grows, more and more readers will want to connect with you. This is great, however, it is important to decide how much personal information you are willing to share. Authors should consider creating a separate social media page for their work or adjusting their privacy settings when applicable.

Watch Your Pennies

Advertising is a pre-requisite for success. An author could write the best book in the world and it will never be profitable if no one knows it’s there. As an Indie author, it is key to monitor how you chose to spend advertising and promotion dollars. Concentrate on people with a large following and always ask yourself if the advertisement will pay for itself in sales or build your customer database. Otherwise, it may not be the best use of your capital.


EW Brooks is the owner of E.W. Brooks Books and author Amazon’s bestselling Mafietta series. Connect with E.W. on Facebook at or Twitter at @mafiettaishere.

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