Britney Tankard – The Force Behind Princess Fitness

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To meet Britney Tankard is to meet one of the sweetest and most humble people in the world. Not only is she a woman about her business, she has chosen to reach back and help others follow in her footsteps on their way to weight loss.

photo used courtesy of: Britney Tankard

photos used courtesy of: Britney Tankard

Britney Tankard is a member of Bravo’s Thicker Than Water cast and daughter of the talented Dr. Ben Tankard and sister to the trend setting Queen Brooklyn. However, Britney is beginning to make a name for herself. After Britney tipped the scales at almost 200 pounds, she decided enough was enough and has lost over 45 pounds since the top of the year.

Britney surrounds herself with other prominent females in the health and fitness industry.

Britney surrounds herself with other prominent females in the health and fitness industry.

However, Britney does not attribute this success to fad dieting or other fly by night fixes. She did it the old fashioned way. She made better food choices and worked out. Britney’s transformation inspired her to help others achieve similar goals and Princess Fitness was born.

All smiles after Princess Fitness Boot Camp

All smiles after Princess Fitness Boot Camp

Princess Fitness is a fitness boutique that offers personal and group training. Britney’s, Princess Fitness Boot Camp was something to see. Although I arrived too late to join in on the session, I was still blessed by the experience. To watch Britney Tankard talk about health and fitness is to see someone consumed with passion and dedication.

Britney’s recent panel at the UBH Expo addressed some of the pitfalls that prevent the masses from achieving their weight loss goals. The beauty of this panel was that it not only addressed the issues, it also provided options for success. Members of the panel included Dr. Sherry Blake, clinical psychologist and media personality; as well as Dr. Erin Wilson; and personal trainer, Melissa Ewing; among others.

Britney with members of her UBH Expo Panel  -@drsherryonline and @Miss_Erin85

Britney with members of her UBH Expo Panel -@drsherryonline and @Miss_Erin85

Princess Fitness offers tips on making healthy food choices as well as various exercises and other amazing facts about weight loss.  Check out #princessfitnesstips on Facebook to get some great advice from this fitness guru.

The Mafietta Movement’s Wellness Wednesday gives a special SHOUT OUT to Ms. Britney Tankard for not only achieving her weight loss goals, but for encouraging and empowering others to do the same.

Britney Tankard is about the business of bettering herself and those around her. That makes her a BOSS. That makes her #Mafietta.

P.S. – Britney also has an amazing jewelry line.  Check it out here.


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