loyalty can make you BLIND

Clarke Bellow worked hard to move The Port City Kings into legitimate business. Her move from “Mafietta” to pillar of the Community was all she ever wanted. She had no idea her family’s exit from the dark side would leave such a tense situation on the streets of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Errol Bellow was proud of his wife’s ascension to Port City socialite and that was why he never told Clarke of his side hustle. However, the new moon brings in more than a rough tide for this couple when Errol makes a bad decision that alerts Magnus Williams, the city’s Boss and Errol’s father-in-law, that he’s still in the game.

A barrage of life threatening situations follows for Errol, Clarke, and their family. The team is forced to resort to their old ways to save two of their own, but when the dust settles, and the threat is eliminated, Errol finds himself in the biggest fight of his life.

. . . but for now everybody is BLIND.

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