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Tips to Grow Your Customer Base

Grow Your Customer Base with Social Media

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It Has Never Been More Important to Understand Social Media to Grow Your Customer Base As a business owner, I understand the importance of growing your business via social media. From growing your Facebook and Instagram following to increasing your sales with digital ads, I am here to help. Check out our blog below for FREE tips […]

Increase Sales with this Secret

Increase Sales With this Secret

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Do you visit a new restaurant or book a hotel stay without checking the reviews first? I don’t. I fall into the category of the 77% of consumers who go to the review section of a product or service before reading the description. Why, do you ask? I need receipts. I need what marketers call […]


Marketing for Authors

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  Marketing For Authors | The first major Urban Writers Association promotion is for authors, bloggers, poets, and others looking for a platform to display their products and their creativity. This magazine, titled “One Busy Lady Urban Writers Association Edition” is a promotional tool designed to further promote your brand and drive potential clients your way. […]