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Sincerely, Your Hater

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Sincerely, Your Hater A Rhythmic Rant by Author E.W. Brooks   The game says, “I’ll call you when I need you. We’re not really friends.  I was at the end of my rope with no where to go so I hitched my goals to your dreams learned all I could, like how to pick up […]


Army Wife Organizes Clarksville Event to Discuss Ebola

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Local Army wife who identifies with the need to spread the truth about Ebola, our troops, and our families organizes a Town Hall to discuss the Ebola Epidemic. I don’t think anyone can miss the news coverage, or Facebook and Twitter posts about the Ebola Epidemic. The television and internet are flooded with information about […]

three things

Three Things Every Army Wife Should Know

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Being an Army Wife means accompanying the man you love all over the world or wherever his military career may take him. It means meeting good people and great friends, but unfortunately it also means learning to say goodbye or at least I’ll see you later. Army Life can be very challenging, but it can […]


Going There with Director Niegel Smith

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Niegel Smith, traveling Director/Performing Artist uses poetic framing techniques to lead his audience to examine how they think and feel.    Niegel Smith searches for and employs ways to embrace the playful spirit and kid like perspective for he and the crowds that gather around his public displays of performance art. He explains the thought behind […]


The Shaper Speaks: A Word With Travis Corpening, M.A.

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In today’s society, where some can’t see past the latest rap lyric or new pair of tennis shoes; it was quite a refreshing and empowering experience to speak with author, public speaker, father, mentor, and nationally syndicated radio host, Travis Corpening.   This member of the National Education Association is dedicated to empowering young men […]

Five Heartbeats Sequel is on the Way

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  Many of us know the words by heart.  When we hear, “nights like this I wish . . .” we can quickly follow with, “that raindrops would fall.”  Others want to know what happened after the group reunited and just how old Eddie Kane is doing. Well, after recent reports, we may not have […]