Charlemagne vs. Kanye – Simply a Case of Iron Sharpening Iron

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After reading Rich Juzwiak’s recent article titled, “Watch Kanye West Repeatedly Get His Ass Handed to Him,” I was left with an entirely new respect for Charlemagne the God.  It was refreshing to see and hear this man bring his brother back to the heart of the matter.

This interview forced Kanye to consider the questions many of us have pondered. Here are a couple of the concerns Charlemagne posed to West:

  1. “Why do you talk so much about money nowadays, man? I used to look at you as, like, a real revolutionary. You know real revolutionaries didn’t need money to change the world?”
  2.  “If you’re a genius, why do you feel the need to tell everybody? Why you just don’t show and prove with actions and deeds, and not words and lip-service?”

Regardless of the title of the article, I don’t think it was about handing Kanye’s ass to him. I think this was about waking his (Kanye’s) consciousness. This isn’t simply a case of someone putting someone else on blast, if accepted constructively; this is a case of iron sharpening iron, and certainly a Mafietta move.


Click here to read Juzwiak’s Gawker article

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