Closed Mouths and A Missed Opportunity

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As Valentine’s Day approaches I am reminded of a short story I wrote some time ago. May it serve as an example of what can happen when we are not willing to acknowledge our feelings, for we are all engrained with a small voice that tells us when to speak and what to say. Learn to embrace that voice and spirit. Learn to embrace your Mafietta.

Closed Mouths and A Missed Opportunity

One middle aged heavy set woman sat behind the counter.  A divorced man stood there -watching and wishing.

Augusta knew he loved her.  She had to know it!  He brought her coffee every morning as soon as it was brewed.  He walked her to her car every evening.  He brought her leftovers when he made those famous ribs everyone loved so much.  He took her to lunch every Wednesday.  He took care of her lawn and reminded her when it was time to have her car serviced.

Harold had no idea why Augusta didn’t see that he did all of these things because he loved her.  Words could lie or mislead, but consistent actions would show one’s true intentions, or so he thought.

Augusta was tired.  She was tired of going to that dead end receptionist job every day.  She was tired of the fake smiles and happy looks she was forced to wear.  She was tired of carrying around those thirty extra pounds and she was tired of sleeping alone.

It was harder for Augusta to turn heads these days.  It seemed there was a very small market for middle aged women with a few extra pounds.  Harold was the only person remotely close to a significant other, but he hadn’t dated anyone since he and his wife divorced a few years back.

Augusta tried for over a year to turn Harold’s head.  She kept her hair and nails done.  She always smiled at him and gave him little crazy gifts for Christmas and his birthday.  She thought they had something when he started their Wednesday lunch, but it was just another let down.

Harold stood at the counter waiting for Augusta to get her purse and lock up the desk, wondering when she would realize how he really felt about her – as he did every Wednesday.

Augusta was really happy that Harold was there.  She looked forward to their time together.  She even started to wear green on Wednesdays.  It was Harold’s favorite color – and he noticed.  He always noticed.

She smiled.  Harold looked back at her and smiled too.  Augusta wished he would finally make a move.  She loved him and he had no idea.  He was such a blockhead.

Harold wished Augusta would give him something more solid.  He just needed a hint; something to let him know that she was interested.

. . . but for now, she would have to read his mind.  He could never bring it up and she couldn’t either.

Augusta was ready.  They both were.  They just didn’t know it.

. . .so for now, two cowards would miss their chance at LOVE.

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