Damon Dash Directs Pilot Episode for EW Brooks’ Mafietta

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Damon Dash Directs EW Brooks' Mafietta

Damon Dash Directs Pilot Episode for EW Brooks’ Mafietta  | Attending Damon Dash’s Poppington University Seminar changed the life of this Army Wife forever. 

Poppington University


Damon Dash enters with three dogs, his girlfriend Raquel, and a medium named Maudy – who literally speaks to dead people. After his friend channels the other side and amazes the room with her gift, the education begins. Dash’s question was simple. “What is your business and how can I help you?” Mr. Dash, surprisingly, had the patience of Job as he listened and tried to pull the answers to questions such as, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” from his audience. Then after about an hour of the same, lightning struck. A 36 year old Army Wife and mother sits down. Her voice cracks as she begins to speak and she follows with, “I’m nervous y’all.” The audience responded kindly, encouraging the woman wearing a t-shirt that read, “Mafietta,” to take her time and the rest is history.


E. W. Brooks, indie author and publisher, laid out the last two years of her life which included having a child, graduating with an associates and a bachelor’s degree, writing the first three books of the “Mafietta” series, and co-writing the Envy and Eye Candy series with Author Kinshasha Serbin. Damon was instantly sold on the idea of a tv series based on Brooks’ novel series.

Mafietta The Series

Dash brings to life the characters from Brooks’ Amazon Best Selling titles in a way that only he can.

the series

Dash handpicked castmembers to include Deelishis, the radio host who rose to fame on her quest to be Flava Flav’s, Flavor of Love and Murda Mook, the battle rapper that makes Drake’s camp shudder. At first glance, one may ask, what in the world is he gonna do with these two, but as the cameras roll and the magic happens; you have to admit – Damn, he may have gotten this one right.


What’s Next

The Mafietta series is a page turner that can surely walk alongside the story lines of Empire, Power, Weeds, and the like. However, it will be up to Dash (the director) and Brooks (the creator and Executive Producer) to ensure the story comes to life in a way that the industry will love and accept with open arms. As director of photography Craig Theiman edits the pilot episode of the “Mafietta” franchise, Dash has definitely been keeping himself busy. September 1, 2015 marks the launch of DameDashStudios.com. This online streaming service has been called the “Tidal” of film and Dash admits to taking a page from Jay-Z’s playbook. Here, Damon will house all of the movies, documentaries, and interviews he’s captured over the years. It will include moves such as “Shadow Boxer,” “Paid in Full,” “State Property” and “Paper Soldiers.”   Look out for the 4th installation in the Mafietta series from E.W. Brooks coming this month. Connect with Brooks on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.com.  




This piece has been brought to you by The Mafietta Movement

E.W. Brooks began The Mafietta Movement in August 2013

E.W. Brooks began The Mafietta Movement in August 2013









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