Don’t Give Away the Power of Your Social Media for Free

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Don’t give away the power of your social media for free. | As an entrepreneur, business owner, author, or anyone else who is trying to sell something; one of the largest expenses you will face is advertising. However, there are still some ways to publicize your product or service without spending a ton of money but there are some things you should know.

For example, do you have people that just keep posting their ads on your social media pages? We all do. However, as entrepreneurs, we must learn to leverage and monetize our social media followings. Have you ever wanted to place your product or service in a magazine, newsletter, or website only to find an associated cost? Of course you have, but it is imperative to understand that other business owners are accomplishing some of the same things they charge you for by placing free content on your various personal and business pages.

THAT AINT RIGHT!!!   Use some of the tips listed below to grow your followers and sales for FREE

  1. Reach out to Bloggers.
    • There are a number of bloggers who don’t charge and are looking for content for their blogs. Find them. Connect and use their article as another way to grow your brand.
  2. Reach out to other Authors/people in your industry.
    • Network with other authors to share their new releases on your page and vice versa.
    • Trade book reviews.
    • Like each other’s social media pages.
  3. Learn and Understand the Value of Social Media
    • Advertisements and promotions cost money and all work in an attempt to increase readership and sales. One of the easiest databases to compile is that of your friends, family, and followers.
    • Limit the promotions of others on your page. Your friends don’t want to see one big commercial for other people and their products.
    • Determine what you are willing to allow on your pages and stick to it.
    • Know the VALUE of your friends and followers.
    • It’s okay to say no or to delete posts that don’t have your approval.

Happy Marketing!!


This piece has been brought to you by the Mafietta Movement and E.W. Brooks Books. 

E.W. Brooks began The Mafietta Movement in August 2013

E.W. Brooks began The Mafietta Movement in August 2013


Mafietta is a lifestyle brand for people unafraid to live their dreams.

Mafietta is a lifestyle brand for people unafraid to live their dreams.

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