Empowered Through The Word – An Editorial by Lori Champion

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Society’s concept of empowerment is for a woman to have the power/ability to choose her own path in life, do what she wants, have equal rights with man, break the glass ceiling in corporate America etc, and . . .

Empowered Through the Word

On paper of course, this seems good for women. We get to become whatever we want to be and pursue those things in life that make us happy. The sky is the limit! However, through this liberation and empowerment to pursue contrary appetites; we sometimes abandon the most basic feminine characteristics and responsibilities for women as designed by God – our role as a wife and mother, our role to the family and the home.

The world’s concept of empowerment for women has de-valued motherhood, the family structure, and can sometimes take us away from our intended purpose. I know you are saying, “but what’s wrong with being able to have a career,” – well, nothing. However, we were designed to do something much greater and deeper than just prove to men that we can do any job they can do.

Look around, most of us (black women) don’t get married, the divorce rate is 50%, our kids are out of control, the family structure is broken, our communities are broken, and this nation is broken. Sadly enough, women have contributed to this state.

Despite society’s branding of empowerment, empowerment through scripture is most liberating because, we can be ourselves. We don’t have to look or dress like someone else to feel good about our self. We don’t have to have a masters degree, be a size 6, or become CEO of a company to be great. We are empowered simply based on God’s design for women.

Let’s wake up and be empowered to resume our roles the way God intended, to nurture our families. Making our families a priority does not mean we can’t work, it means that family comes FIRST.

Besides, what’s more important than investing in a person’s soul?

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