Envy and Eye Candy – A Step Away From Mafietta

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Envy and Eye Candy Cover

Envy and Eye Candy – A Step Away From Mafietta | Anyone familiar with the E.W. Brooks brand knows all about Mafietta, but don’t sleep on this budding author. She has stepped away from the world of Urbanism to tackle some of the crazy things some women do to their so-called friends in Envy and Eye Candy, a novel written with Author Kinshasha Serbin, looks at the relationship between three lifelong friends as money, lies, and envy threaten to separate the trio.

Any female who has endured a cheating spouse or fiance, a lying friend not afraid to sleep with your man, a friend who always needs money, or anything remotely close – you’ll love Envy and Eye Candy. Check out this free book excerpt from the first Chapter.

Envy and Eye CandyEnvy and Eye Candy Cover

by E.W. Brooks and Kinshasha Serbin

“I don’t care if the bitch is sick!” Vanessa screamed. “Anyone brave enough to sleep with your fiancé on the day before your wedding should never need you for anything.”
“Don’t be that way, Nessa.” Brenda pleaded. “You know we are all we got and we always pull together when one of us is in need.”

“That was then, B. This is now. The hag can take a slow fall to hell. Now get outta my face with this shit. Let her call Tim. If he has the sense enough to sleep around like a dog, surely he can help her find the money for her treatment.”

“That’s not fair, Nessa, and you know it.” Brenda returned. “You know that Tim has a way with words.” Brenda snickered.

“Really, B? Are you really saying this to me?” Vanessa asked, obviously annoyed.

“Oh, get over it, Nessa. The deadbeat is gone. He is someone else’s problem. Let that hood booger take care of him now, squash this crap, and go see your friend. What if she dies, Nessa? Could you sleep at night knowing you could have helped her?”

“Hell yeah.” Vanessa spewed. “You can’t do this to me, Brenda. I can’t help that I actually used my Pell Grant to get an education and not a new car or wardrobe. You can’t punish me for that and you can’t make me give her my dough.”

“Really, Nessa. Are you taking this back to college?” Brenda asked, now aggravated.

“Would you prefer I went back to elementary school? The girl is a habitual liar and she always has been. How do you even know she is sick? It’s probably some scam.” Vanessa replied with her mind made up. “If you want to help her, Brenda, go ahead, but I’m not contributing and you can’t go to the savings fund for her either.”

“But Nessa, we put aside that money in case something happened to one of us.” Brenda pleaded.

“When is the last time that hoe put any money in that account?” Vanessa asked.

Brenda knew Vanessa had her over a barrel for now, so she relented.

“I guess you do have a point, Nessa, but we have to at least check on her. You would never forgive yourself if something happened to that girl.”

“Speak for yourself. I think I’d be just fine.” Vanessa mumbled under her breath.


“Girl, you are going to Hell if you don’t change your ways.” Brenda laughed.

Envy and Eye Candy Cover


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