Kirti Rishi: The Facebook Message that Changed My Life

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Listening to her heart and responding to a Facebook message changed Kirti Rishi’s life and connected her with a member of the Knowles family.


Kirti responded to a Facebook post from Mathew Knowles seeking new talent. Kirti responded with an instant message and the rest is history. Mr. Knowles has since taken Kirti under his wing and even closer to her dreams.

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This young singer and songwriter is surprisingly comfortable in her own skin. She may be reaching for the stars, but her feet are firmly planted on the ground.

I want to leave a mark. - Kirti

I want to leave a mark. – Kirti

Mafietta Movement (MM) –Who inspired you to sing and write songs?

Kirti Rishi (KR) – There was a lady in my old neighborhood named Miss Annie. She would watch me go by her house and didn’t want to see me get into trouble. One day she called me over and she sang a song to me. I was amazed by the words. I liked what she was doing with the words, so I began writing and singing my own.

MM – If you gained the attention of Mathew Knowles, you must be something serious with those words and your microphone. Where can people go to hear your music?

KR – Mr. Knowles is amazing. He checks in on me through my manager, but you can check out my music and find out more about me on:


MM – Have you ever met Beyonce or Solange?

KR – No, not yet, but I hope to one day.  I did get to catch the On The Run Tour at Met Life Stadium, though. Jay-Z and Beyonce killed it. It was an amazing experience!!! I am so glad I was able to go.


Fans can see Kirti perform live on October 2, 2014.

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Shout out to Kirti Rishi for living her dreams!  That’s #Mafietta!

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