Going There with Director Niegel Smith

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Niegel Smith, traveling Director/Performing Artist uses poetic framing techniques to lead his audience to examine how they think and feel. 


Niegel Smith searches for and employs ways to embrace the playful spirit and kid like perspective for he and the crowds that gather around his public displays of performance art. He explains the thought behind his process, “Kids respond right away. Adults, on the other hand, stop letting their emotions be so present.”  In turn, his creations help to crush these cognitive biases.

photo used courtesy of Niegel Smith

photo used courtesy of Niegel Smith

Niegel Smith directs and creates pieces that are designed to break barriers. His goal is to have the audience forget the rigors of real life and disappear into something pure. For example, “Total Detroit,” takes us along on the journey of an open heart searching for a sincere truth. He uses tools, “derived from cultural anthropology, performance art and experimental theater,” to take us on a “WALK” that encourages us all to examine who we are and where we are, literally and figuratively.

This inquisitive, insightful, and cleansing experience is one that I believe explains who Niegel Smith is as a person and an artist. He inspires you to go there, feel the truth, and move beyond it. He inspires you to heal.

Niegel Smith isn’t afraid to go there and he isn’t afraid to take you with him. He has directed just over 20 plays since 2005, but is currently working as Director of the Bay Area, hit play, “HIR.”

photo credit

photo credit

“Engrossing entertainment” – SFGATE

“A brave deconstruction of a family drama that slides from bizarre farce to Greek tragedy with audacious velocity.” – San Jose Mercury News

“ . . . one of the most fresh and provocative pieces I’ve seen in the Bay Area.” – SFist

Connect with Niegel Smith via his website.

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