Guess Who’s Back?? EW Brooks Explains Her Return

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The mafietta movement

Soooooo many of you have supported me over the last couple of years, and then I just disappeared, but check out my reasons and find out why I came back.

EW Brooks - NEW Head Shot

Guess what? Author E.W. Brooks is back with the new novel, “BLIND,” to be released on 15 February.

I was pretty much done with the Mafietta Series. My last venture wore me out and I went back to a nine to five. I love the work I do, but it didn’t stop that quiet nudge from my first love.

It felt like I’d abandoned my baby and all the people who’d supported me over the last three years.

Then I had a producer tell me, “Mafietta is tainted.” That was when I knew it was time for her return.

. . .and just like that, Clarke, Errol, and Mafietta are back. ON 15 February, I will be releasing my latest novel, “BLIND.” This book is the fourth in the series, but it’s not one that will leave you in the dark if you haven’t read the others.

This novel examines what happens when a woman is really fed up!

Thank you, Mr. Producer, for waking the giant.

See more about, “BLIND,” my latest novel below.


In life, we’re all BLIND to something, but Clarke Bellow would never have guessed just how much she didn’t know about her husband.




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