Sincerely, Your Hater

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Sincerely, Your Hater

A Rhythmic Rant by Author E.W. Brooks


The game says, “I’ll call you when I need you.

We’re not really friends.

 I was at the end of my rope with no where to go

so I hitched my goals to your dreams

learned all I could,

like how to pick up a few new revenue streams.


Then I disappeared.

I vanished.

And held back my laugher as you panicked because

I lead you to pay me before you learned my worth.

Then I came up off your dime after wasting your time.

Yep, I overcharged you for my services

Because you’re new to the game and don’t’ know what your worth is


 I want you to win

but only if you don’t beat me.

I’ll share my posts on your wall

But I won’t do a thing to help YOU at all

You see my whole goal wasn’t to catch you

It was to watch you fall.”




Your Hater

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