Hurdles in Your Life: You must LEAP

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Hurdles in your life: you must leap | Last night my sister and I were speaking and she said to me, “You can’t keep stopping each time you get to a hurdle. You must leap over them.” 
I woke up with that – you MUST leap over them. And I can’t lie to you it seems impossible to leap not knowing it you make it to your destination. If you’re anything like me, then you spend your time concentrating on certain parts of your Christian walk (ok let me not curse or lust or fornicate or lie or any number of things) and when you get to other parts; things a little harder you tend to drop the ball or in this case stop in front of a hurdle that you were suppose to leap over. But I submit to you this thought: HURDLES BY DESIGN ARE MEANT TO BE JUMPED OVER!!! 
Hurdles are designed at a specific height, weight and spacing with the sole intent of you being able to clear them. Now, that is not to say that it’s designed to be easy but is DESIGNED to be cleared. So as you experience your season of tribulations, trials, obstacles and hurdles know that none of it is designed to make you fail; none of it is designed to embarrass you; none of it is designed to make you fall flat on your face; none of it is designed to do anything but help you successfully reach your destination. If you fall – GET UP! If you keep bumping the hurdle instead of clearing it I challenge you to activate your faith because you don’t have to clear it by a mile; if your toes scrape a little of the paint of the top – that’s fine!!! YOU CLEARED THE HURDLE!!! 
This piece was written by Boyace JaJuan Pope. 
I am the imperfect combination of pencil shavings, beautiful playlists and unhealthy relationships. I am an artist.

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