Increase Sales With this Secret

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Increase Sales with this Secret

Do you visit a new restaurant or book a hotel stay without checking the reviews first? I don’t. I fall into the category of the 77% of consumers who go to the review section of a product or service before reading the description. Why, do you ask? I need receipts. I need what marketers call social proof.

Do you think the online store rating and review system for products it there by accident? Absolutely not. Big companies want to show you they have a valuable and popular product and influence you to buy it by showing you that others have taken the action you are considering. Keep reading to increase sales with this secret.

They're reading your reviews


The secret to increasing sales is understanding that it doesn’t matter how good you are at telling your audience or potential client how great your product is or how your service will help them unless they can see evidence showing your offering is better and more popular than the competition.

To put it in exactly two words, the secret to getting more sales is social proof or receipts as they are sometimes called. As an advertiser, you have to figure out what forms of proof you can add to your website and social media pages to add credibility to your business and simplify the decision making process for your customers.

Reviews, testimonials, and customer generated social media posts are great pieces of content to add to your social media footprint. Email blasts help the undecided customer make their decision as well. Include testimonials that attest to the benefits of your product but also overcome a natural objection and don’t forget to throw in a call to action

Employing this methodology will help to increase sales. No one wants to be your guinea pig but if you show your audience happy and satisfied customers – your sales will multiply.

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