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E.W. Brooks – The Writer

When some people see The Mafietta Series, they see two small books that don’t have enough words to command their attention. I even spoke to a well-known publicist who told me that my book wouldn’t sell because it had no spine. That was a hard pill to swallow as an author. No one wants to hear that when they are trying to sell their book.

However, this is when I had to put my feelings aside and embrace the opportunity to gain some real perspective about this new industry I was entering. It was an opportunity to see what readers expected from an author as well as a chance to glean a bit of knowledge on ways to appeal to more readers.


Ultimately, I understand that Mafietta is very different from other books. While, I was definitely taken aback when I heard that for the first time – Now, I take pride in hearing that Mafietta is different. I intended it that way. 


My goal is to tell a story in a way that makes my reader enjoy what they’re reading while throwing in a twist they never expected. This is why I love to hear from you.Your words give Mafietta life outside of the pages I created for her. Without you, there is no Mafietta. There is no movement.

I had no idea of the value of reader reviews before becoming a writer.  So, please keep the reviews coming. I love to hear  your thoughts because writing Mafietta taught me that writing a good story alone isn’t enough to get the results you want if you have no way to let others know it’s available. It taught me the value of social media and staying connected with my readers.

E.W. Brooks – The Woman

As a woman, writing The Mafietta Novella Series led me to create the Mafietta Movement. While the book itself weaves this entertaining story about women who date, love, and marry men in this hectic, scary, and illegal lifestyle – it is just that – entertainment.

The Mafietta Movement itself is designed to address the issues women face as they build their respective empires. We will reach out to women in an effort to connect women, provide networking opportunities, promote literacy, as well as provide content that empowers women in their day to day life as they make day to day decisions.

Each Monday, my Facebook author page highlights people who are working to enhance their communities and empower other women. #MafiettaMonday will continue to evolve, but it will always empower and encourage.

Highlight your Movement via #MafiettaMonday  on Monday, July 14, 2014


This Monday I will do a page swap with other leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, educators, and professionals. Each person will add a link to their respective page via an initial thread with #MafiettaMonday in the body. Becoming a member of the thread requires you to like the other pages listed in the thread. This will result in an increase of Facebook likes for everyone involved.


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