Majors Don’t Matter: Right Now Jobs for the Recent Grad

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Jobs for Recent Grads

Majors Don’t Matter with These Social Media Marketing Jobs for the Recent College Grad

Are you a recent college graduate looking for work with no promising prospects in sight? Does the job pool seem a bit shallow? I can completely relate and if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions adding social media or digital marketing to your repertoire or resume can result in immediate employment for you.

A marketing career can be a good fit for many, despite their actual college major or educational background. The current need for companies to use social media and digital marketing to reach their customers has exploded into pockets of job opportunity in virtually every area of marketing. Jobs for the recent grad may seem hard to come by, but learning to use the things you do well to find work will help.

If you are adept in social media, creating blogs, white sheets, social media posts, advertisements, videos, info-graphics, or other forms of content – look for jobs in the follow digital marketing categories to find immediate work. 

Digital Community Manager 

This position averages about $46,402 bucks annually. They’re in charge of representing a brand’s digital footprint on social media. They moderate reviews, forums, etc. Positions like this are great for English and Communications majors. 

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers average $50,391 per year and oversee and develop social media strategies for a brand. All in all, they basically increase and maintain a company’s healthy social media presence. 

Content Marketing Manager

CMMs develop and execute content strategies to help companies meet their sales goals via the creation of blogs, videos, photos, and info-graphics. This is a great position for graphic designers and video editors. is a great place to register for these type of jobs. Their easy apply feature allows you to apply for jobs with one click and when you register as someone looking for work, they even auto-apply for you. Graduating college was the hard part. Don’t let job seeking get you down and check for other social media related jobs. There may be others in the same vein as these with different titles.

Check back for other job acquisition tips for the recent grad. We’ve been in your shoes and we’re here to help. Check out “The Social Media Manager Handbook” for tips on digital strategy.

Happy Hunting!!!

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