Mr. Johnny Lester and the Business of Style

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Johnny lester


Mr. Johnny Lester is the charismatic, approachable, and no-nonsense celebrity manager who has taken the business of style to another level.

In 2009, Johnny graduated, moved to Atlanta, and dedicated one year to learning the “BUSINESS.” He began to do brand assistant work and from that point – his work speaks for itself.

lester and braxtons

Johnny Lester now manages, Braxton family counselor, Dr. Sherry.

photo used courtesy of Johnny Lester

photo used courtesy of Johnny Lester

At a recent event, I got the chance to see Mr. Lester work. He quickly shifted from the serious readings of messages from his cell phone to instantly smiling at an approacher, answering questions, taking pictures, shaking hands, and handing out cards. Despite all of these moving pieces, Dr. Sherry is together. Her outfit is flattering, well accessorized, and her makeup is flawless.  (See the pic below)


Dr. Sherry and Author, E.W. Brooks

Dr. Sherry and Author, E.W. Brooks

Watching Johnny Lester represent his client, and himself, led me to ask: What is the most important thing artists should keep in mind when seeking a manger?

He gave us two.

  1. Be Transparent – A client/manager relationship is like a marriage. Your manager has to understand your vision. Their business is based on your style.
  2. Get References – A manager is privy to personal and financial information. Check them out. Know what you can about the person you are hiring.

Stay tuned for more great tips from Mr. Lester.


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