Looking for Light Flowing Hair? Less is More.

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Looking for light flowing hair without the weight of hair grease? Try an essential oil.

essential oils to combat hair loss

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Less is More

Sometimes a light hairdress can make your hair more manageable. This product adds to the weight of the hair and slows its ability to sway naturally. If you are looking for light, flowing hair, without the weight of hair grease – try an essential oil and keep in mind that in this case, less is better because our hair produces natural oils that add to the build-up of product on the hair.


 less is more

Trial and Error

Finding the right product for you is a must, but the process can be challenging. Because everyone’s hair is different, we can buy a product made for our hair texture and it still may not get the job done. Work through the trial and error process to find the product that works best for you.




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