Which Mafietta Character Are You?

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Which Mafietta Character are you. Take the quiz and find out.

NOTE: All questions are answered under the assumption that your refrigerator is empty and so are your pockets.


Question #1 – Would you rather:

Eat                                                                                                          ONE Point

Be Hungry                                                                                            TWO Points


Question #2 – If someone from your neighborhood asked you to give a small box or bag to another person you were familiar with  on your way to the store and offers you $50 bucks for doing it –

Would you rather:

Get the money                                                                                   ONE Point

Figure out another way to feed the family                                  TWO Points


Question #3 – Would you rather spend money from a big gambling win after your favorite football team wins or look for change in the seat cushions of your couch?

YES                                                                                                        ONE Point

NO                                                                                                         TWO Points


Question #4 – If you could win a small fortune from a back room poker game versus actually working a nine to five (real job).

Would you rather:

Live off the money you won and live comfortably                    ONE Point


Work a job and have it all                                                              TWO Points



Question #5 – Would you rather:


Stay at home and not work if you could live well                      ONE Point


Establish a career and have it all                                                   TWO Points


Let’s tally up your results!!


Thanks for playing!!

This quiz was brought to you via E.W. Brooks and The Mafietta Movement.


The Mafietta Movement provides tips to empower, encourage, and educate.

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