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Free this weekend - VR

Mafietta Free This Weekend on Amazon.
Catch up on this amazing series.
Mafietta 4: Changing Tides drops on Monday.
In preparation for this new release, Blake Karrington and E.W. Brooks will give away FREE e-book copies of Mafietta: Rise of a Female Boss.



Mafietta follows Clarke, a woman tired of bankrolling her suitors, entertaining a man she normally wouldn’t consider – a man from the underworld.

Their perfect love story falls apart when a tragic turn of events sends Errol behind bars and forces Clarke to run the family business. When a good girl turns mafia queen, she is forced to choose between the love she’s always wanted and a lifestyle she’s grown to hate.

​Clarke and Errol find themselves at odds as loyalties change and Clarke wants out of the life.

“I want to go back to the days when I was blind to the things you do. I want my innocence back.” — Clarke

“These are not the type of people you just walk away from. Do you know how much money you made for them while I was gone?” — Errol 


Mandell Marlowe just can’t get it right. Not only has he made a failed attempt to murder the Port City King’s beloved Mafietta, he is cheating on one of the richest women on the East Coast.

As Mandell’s lies catch up with him, he has no idea who will catch him first, but he knows something is coming because he’s crossed Daddy’s Little Girl.

Coming this Monday, February 1, 2015
“Don’t keep playing the victim with me, Mafietta. You are not innocent in this. You knew who I was when you married me, just like you knew who I was when you walked your little ass into my restaurant.

You wanted a bad boy and you got one. Now you wanna leave because the kitchen got too hot?

It doesn’t work that way, Baby. This is forever.”


It’s been 4 years since the Port City Kings went legit and Clarke couldn’t be happier.

That is, until she finds out what Errol has really been doing in his spare time. Despite Clarke’s attempts to escape the ghosts of her past, her husband’s decisions may have just cast her back into the throws of the underworld. 

Now Mafietta must make some very serious decisions concerning her son, her husband, his business, and their future.

Follow the unexpected twists and turns in Mafietta 4: Changing Tides to see what happens when Love and Lifestyle collide.

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