Mafietta Movement Sparks Initiative To Change Lives

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Mafietta Movement Sparks Initiative To Change Lives as E.W. Brooks Author and Owner of E.W. Brooks Books LLC, Launches Campaign to Introduce Methods of Empowerment via countless digital platforms.

E.W. Brooks began The Mafietta Movement in August 2013

E.W. Brooks began The Mafietta Movement in August 2013

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Fort Campbell, Tennessee-E.W. Brooks, author of one of Amazon Book’s fastest selling e-books entitled “Mafietta -The Rise of a Female Boss” has focused her attention on cultivating entrepreneurs young and old to think out side of the box using today’s digital space for empowerment and self-improvement.

E.W. Brooks is currently on tour conducting radio interviews, lectures, speaking engagements, seminars and workshops on how to use the various digital platforms such as online blogs sites, internet radio, social-media, YouTube, and digital book distributors giving one the creative & artistic freedom to set you on a path to financial independence.

PageLines-logo.pngFar before she had thoughts of pursuing a writing career, E.W. Brooks was an advocate of literacy and realized that the rise of the digital age is an asset to growing businesses as well as a tool to teach individuals basic life skills such as reading writing and arithmetic. Studying abroad, attending brick and mortar schools and other digital courses ultimately lead to E.W. Brooks establishing her own LLC, E.W. Brooks Books.

Now as a successful author with a string of Urban Lit releases, a digital radio show called “Mafietta Radio” on www.Blog talk, The Mafietta Short Film being screened in film festivals around the nation promoted by a Video Trailer that earned over 40k views within 3 days of its upload to YouTube while adapting the short film into screenplay for a made for T.V. Series; E.W. Brooks is taking the Mafietta Movement” from city to city to share proven ways to take advantage of the many digital platforms which have become the home to her creative bodies of work.


E.W. Brooks decided to distribute the Mafietta series in paperback and digitally because the term Mafietta was more than just a title but as E.W. Brooks describes it:  “a way of thinking, a confident attitude that inspires one to push past any barrier or obstacles in the way of their life goals.”

As a living testament to her own theory E.W. Brooks has been inspiring the young wives of men enlisted in the armed forces to arm them with the Mafietta Mantra to utilize the various digital outlets available to earn a living while remaining flexible to the frequent changes of residence due to the relocation which is part of military life.

E.W. Brooks herself is an Army Wife, big sister and mentor with a big imagination. She is the founder of the Campbell Sisterhood, a group of women who support and empower each other as well as other Army Wives.

Campbell Sisterhood

 E.W. Brooks also donates 10% of book proceeds to the Military Matters Project. However, she says her greatest joy comes from spending time with her family and seeing the smiling faces of those she’s helped to find a bit of light along their journey.


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