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  Marketing For Authors | The first major Urban Writers Association promotion is for authors, bloggers, poets, and others looking for a platform to display their products and their creativity. This magazine, titled “One Busy Lady Urban Writers Association Edition” is a promotional tool designed to further promote your brand and drive potential clients your way.

UWA is highlighting One Busy Lady Magazine as a platform for authors looking to build their brands. 

UWA Edition

Here is a word from the One Busy Lady Urban Writers Association Edition’s Head Graphic Designer.

Candice I want to take a moment to introduce myself and my position in all of this. I’m Candice Kilgore, Head Graphic Design artist of my design firm I’ve designed for several women entrepreneurs, celebrity events, celebrities, big companies, small companies…etc. So… I’m taking a new direction in my career path…. I wanted to be able to focus my expertise and skill in one target area rather than ALL OVER THE PLACE… so this brings me to you. I want to focus on bringing phenomenal women together and designing/producing empowering magazines. I want to work with each of you hand in hand on collaborating and developing your own exclusive magazine! Now I’m going to tell you now… with the power, strength, and gifting that God has given me.. I’m amazing when it comes to designing and can produce the best of the best! My goal is to bring together 20 women for this magazine.  Now don’t fret!! If the $75 submission fee is steep for you… let me help ease your mind… you can sell Ads to go into the magazine! If you bring an Ad to the table.. you personally make the profit! Selling just 1 Ad can take care of your per issue fee and give you a profit. Okay, okay, … so next steps… before I spill more goodies… just let me know if you are still interested by joining this group on Facebook or head over to our site and make your payment today.

 Our main focus is to promote, recognize, and prosper amazing Urban Writers like yourself!

There are 20 feature spots available for the One Busy Lady® Urban Writers Association Edition! Sign Up to be featured in the magazine NOW!

UWA Edition

Writers have a number of very important decisions to make. As if creating characters and developing their story lines isn’t enough; authors must promote their work too. This process can be daunting, especially for the new indie author. There are a number of resources scatted throughout the web, most providing some piece of information to help solidify your marketing game and platform. Our goal was to put those resources on one place. Urban Writers Association was created to help writers combat the battles of becoming a successful novelist. This group is fairly new on the Facebook scene, but has provided a number of resources for Authors already. The page provides much needed information on book length, choosing titles, developing plot points, and various ways to master marketing through social media. CONNECT Meet other authors on a daily basis. Learn what makes each offering in the Urban genre special and unique. Exchange Facebook page likes with those you read, admire, and have formed relationships with as you grow your brand. You never know who you may be able to collaborate with in the future. Each author may share up to 3 books on UWA’s Marketing Mondays and there is always some kind of cool information. Like us on Facebook today: Follow us on Twitter

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