My Testimony – A Conversation with Rapper William “C-Dub” Smith

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BUBBLY, SURPISED, IN SHOCK, GREAT, AND WOW are all words the Whiteville, North Carolina native, William “C-Dub” Smith is using to describe how it feels to live his dream. After tons of shows and long nights in the studio, he was signed to independent label, Fresh Entertainment.

In a time where it seems everyone has a mix tape or demo, I asked C-Dub how he has stayed his course. He put it simply, “I believed in myself and it showed.” Despite his tumultuous journey, C-Dub has taken the Triple Cs and made them appealing. By staying cool, calm, and collected, he has been able to share his story with thousands.

He says, “I have a testimony for the world to hear, whether it be through acting or music – I have a story to be told.” In fact, his favorite song on the upcoming Hustlas-Movement album, is entitled, “My Testimony.”

. . .and a testimony it is. C-Dub has faced his fans with a smile and an uplifting message despite having to manage the real life situations at home. His straight from the heart personality and laid back demeanor are the strings that keep him connected with his fans. He believes this genuine nature is what separates him from other rappers. “I’m not stuck up; I’m very much down to earth.”

C-Dub has been able to appreciate good music since he was a child listening to his grandfather play the piano. He knows that this love of music is the thing that will propel him to the top because music has always lived within him. While his mother is deceased, he and his daughter visit her grave often. He describes his daughter as his constant motivation. “She’s all I got.”  cdub2

C-Dub is obviously no stranger to pain and hard times. However, he is determined to keep moving and become a force to be reckoned with. He is a testament that hard work pays off, though C-Dub says, “It definitely took some time.”



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