Mychal Word’s – Mylan Couture Design – The Solution to the Curvy Girl Nightmare

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As a curvy woman, it isn’t always easy to find attractive clothing that accentuates your curves instead of simply covering them. There are stores in the mall that don’t sell sizes 18 or higher or they sell them, but charge more for larger sizes. Designer, Mychal Word is changing all of that. This owner of Mylan Couture Design is the answer to the curvy girl nightmare.


Mychal loves curves and feels that women should be healthy, but not so weight conscious. He believes that curves are beautiful, and in turn, creates stunning looks for plus sized women.

Check out some of Mychal’s designs below.

photos used courtesy of Designer Mychal Word

photos used courtesy of Designer Mychal Word

Mr. Word is the type of designer who can look at something, visualize it, and then bring it to life. Mychal says,  “It takes a certain type of woman to wear my clothing.”

. . .and boy, is he right. It takes a confident and secure woman to rock some of Mychal’s more haute looks, but he also designs evening gowns for formal events.


Mafietta Movement (MM) – Mychal, what inspired you to become a designer?

Mychal Word (MW) – I knew a number of curvy girls who felt some type of way about their weight, but were really beautiful and attractive people – so I began to design and create clothing for the full figured woman and the rest is history.

MM – Can a normal person afford your design originals?

MW – Absolutely, all I need is time and great fabric. I believe beautiful gowns should be affordable and that is why I create mine at a price point that the everyday working lady, Army Wife, or stay at home mom can afford. My designs start around $200.

MM – How do people contact you to create their original designs?

MW – I am available via my Facebook page


There you have it ladies. There is no need to continue buying plus sized clothing that drapes when it could very well, accentuate.

Here are a few fashion tips for the curvy girl from Designer, Mychal Word.

  1. Don’t be afraid of a good body shaper. They help contour your body and enhance your figure.
  2. There is nothing like a good support bra. Make sure you are wearing the correct size bra. The right bra will lift you and not allow spillage.

Shout out to Designer Mychal Word for keeping us full figure ladies in mind. Reach out to him for your next formal party or Military Ball.  This man and his designs are the truth.

Mychal Word is also the Creative Director of Victoria Couture and definitely a person living their dreams.  That is what it’s all about.  That is #Mafietta.

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