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photo used courtesy of: Kerry-Ann Phang

Kerry-Ann Phang is the owner and creator of Naturally Me Hair and Body Creations, LLC.  Naturally Me specializes in hand crafted, natural, organic, and plant derived hair and body products that are oil or butter based.

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College Really Paid Off

Kerry-Ann is an epidemiologist by trade. (An epidemiologist studies the causes, effects, and patterns of  diseases.) She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology. Kerry-Ann uses this knowledge by day as a researcher for a pharmaceutical company where she does tons of cancer research.

However, when Kerry-Ann went natural in 2008, she began to mix things together and doing the research necessary to formulate her own natural hair products. She only shared her first batches of product with family and friends. They loved her goods and their support drove Kerry-Ann to start her own business.

photo used courtesy of: Kerry-Ann Phang

photo used courtesy of: Kerry-Ann Phang

This Budding Entrepreneur is Following Her Dreams 

Mrs. Phang started out with very little to no  money to fund her business, but stepped out on faith and became a Limited Liability Company in January of this year. Her line of hair and body butters, sugar scrubs, bath balms (fizzies), and bath salts offer pthalate- and paraben-free spa scents that help its user to relax. Kerry-Ann takes special care to make sure that her products look, feel, and smell right. “It has to pass my test first.” This testing procedure has worked well for Kerry-Ann. Her hair and body products keep customers coming back and this was her initial goal.


Kerry-Ann admittedly loves working in her field. “I spent a lot of time and money becoming an epidemiologist, but I love creating my own products, as well.” Her background as a researcher has helped Kerry-Ann in her own business. She meticulously studies her ingredients before adding them to her products and cautions consumers to research the “natural” ingredients in their current natural hair products because some “naturals” can be a skin irritant. “There are surfactants in some shampoos that are so strong that they cause harm to the scalp and skin.” Kerry-Ann is currently expanding her line to include shampoos, conditioners, and other water-based products.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Kerry-Ann credits much of her success to her supportive husband, Derek. Their son plays three sports and, “he picks up so I can work on whatever. He is really helpful. He just keeps me going.”

Check out Kerry-Ann Phang’s, Naturally Me Hair and Body Creations via her official website.

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