Nelson J. Davis: The Newest Face in Growing NC Independent Film Movement

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Nelson Davis Feature Photo

Nelson J. Davis is the newest face in North Carolina’s growing Independent Film Movement..

This budding actor is dedicated to his craft and has used the last four years to hone his skills and become an even greater cinematic force to be reckoned with.

photo used courtesy of Nelson J. Davis

photo used courtesy of Nelson J. Davis

Nelson knew he had a passion for acting when he auditioned for the Wizard of Oz in his 3rd grade drama club. He may not have gotten the star role, but his part as a munchkin taught him an important lesson early on. He learned the importance of networking.

Mr. Davis leaned on his calling as he began to write, direct, and edit his own short films. He would sell them on DVD to promote his work. His movies caught the eye of another filmmaker and the rest is history. Nelson’s hard work was paying off as his efforts were becoming more widely recognized.

Nelson’s break came after calling Producer/Director Alize Elyse and asking to join her cast. Elyse promised to keep him in mind and gave him a call when the opportunity arose to have him play a Detective in her crime thriller, 24 Hours.

Nelson J.Davis in 24 Hours

Nelson J.Davis in 24 Hours

Nelson J. Davis has been keeping himself busy every since. He played a barber in the web series: Aftershock. He has also been featured in Pizza Hut commercials, and Discovery ID’s Wicked Attraction. Nelson’s success and dreams for his career have led him take on two agents to stay on top of things.

This former Citi-Trends model is definitely making his mark in the world of  Independent Film.

24 hours - nelson davis

Look out for Nelson is “Black Songbird” where he plays Det. Dickson Hayden in this mystery. He just completed Desperate Measures, where he plays Gus Davis.

Black Songbird

Davis plays Det. Dickson Hayden in Black Songbird. Photo uses courtesy of Nelson J. Davis

Shout out and BEST WISHES to Mr. Nelson J. Davis for living his dreams. That’s what’s up. That’s Mafietta!!

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