Only Forward with Deborah Dicks Maxwell

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As we celebrate Black History Month, it is important to appreciate those who are still working to pave the way for equality because the truth is Black History happens everyday. Deborah Dicks Maxwell is living proof of that. Check out her story below.

photo courtesy of Deborah Dicks Maxwell

photo courtesy of Deborah Dicks Maxwell

If you’ve been following any of North Carolina’s Moral Monday Protests, you are sure to have seen her face. She was one of the many arrested for holding a sign and her ground in the state’s capital. Ms. Deborah Dicks Maxwell has done much for the cause and continues to educate our communities on the issues plaguing and impacting them most.


Ms. Dicks Maxwell believes that education is the tool needed to inform and empower our communities and she works with local leaders to do just that.


For example, she has joined forces with local barbers and beauticians in an effort to have them share the importance of not only registering to vote, but the significance of consistent voting and her mission doesn’t end there.

Ms. Dicks Maxwell urges citizens to, “Use your voice. We have to come together to let our elected official know how we feel. Volunteerism is necessary to help improve our society and we should lead by example.”

“We must understand the importance of sharing our history as a way to empower our children. Don’t take it for granted,” she says. This is why it has become, “so easy for them to take it away. It is important that we take the time to make sure our students are being educated properly. Be aware of what our children’s schools are doing. Become a member of your child’s PTA, attend the resident council meetings hosted by the local Housing Authority; just be supportive.”

As this activist and community leader awaits her trial date, she reminds herself of the NAACP motto, “No permanent friends. No permanent enemies. Only permanent interest.”

Best Wishes to Ms. Deborah Dicks Maxwell. She is dedicated to improving our communities and ways of life. She is dedicated moving forward. She is dedicated to us all.


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