Pastor Canton Jones, His Music, His Ministry and Preachers of Atlanta

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Canton Jones

Meet the:

Morehouse Man | Entrepreneur |Rapper/Producer | Star of Preachers of Atlanta | Lover of God |

Pastor named Canton Jones.

Canton Jones

To speak to Pastor Canton is to speak to a man fueled by his mission to bring the Gospel to those who need it most. This Celebrity Pastor spoke candidly about his music, his ministry, and the Preachers of Atlanta.


Pastor Canton Jones creates songs that push the traditional envelope of gospel music. However, one must admire the boldness that comes as second nature to the rapper/producer. “Being bold is who I am,” Canton said and his goal to create a better place for his children, their community, and their children would require nothing less. His beats hit hard and his messages ring true. The modern day pastor/producer easily blends beats that would make anyone move with messages that could soften the toughest heart.

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Rev. Canton Jones has taken his Pentecostal upbringing, added a little hip hop, and a ton of societal relevance to open Freelife Church. This Pastor of Atlanta, is dedicated to creating a different worship experience for the Millennial Generation. Lights, a smoke machine, and a DJ who serves as the minster of music help Pastor Canton usher in a new culture of worship that opens its arms wide to a new generation of men in the church. His goal is simple, “Don’t lose what we have and let’s bring back what is lost.”

Click here to watch the first service ever at Freelife Church.

Check Pastor Canton out in action as he speaks about FORGIVENESS.


Preachers of Atlanta 

Viewers and critics alike sat in shock as they watched this Amazing Man of God began the dialogue between a fellow cast member, Pastor Corey Hambrick – police officer and a survivor of incarceration. This was a monumental moment for television as viewers watched the open dialogue with the people who actually meet each other in the street and not the spokespeople we see from day to day on our televisions. The conversation will go even deeper as the season progresses and Pastor Canton brings in a white officer to ask the tough questions concerning preservation of life and what it means to be an officer in today’s society. Jones seeks to address fatherlessness and ultimately bring African American males back to the church and he believes wholeheartedly that: “We can comeback as a generation to the church.”

Pastor Canton Jones is definitely a preacher who has broken the mold and constantly works to improve and reinvent himself and those around him. Catch Pastor Canton Jones every Wednesday at 10/9c in Preachers of Atlanta on the Oxygen network as he continues to bring God’s word for a new Generation of worshipers to fruition. This man is no doubt unafraid to live his dreams and complete the journey set before him. Best wishes, Pastor Canton. You’re #Mafietta.

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