Is Your Trip to the Salon Putting You at Risk for Infection

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Is your trip to the salon putting you at risk for infection?  Answer the questions below to gauge your hair stylist’s sanitation level as E.W. Brooks’ Mafietta Movement brings you “Saturday Style.”

Does your stylist use clean instruments when combing or styling your hair?

comb and brush

If they don’t – you are in harm’s way. Combs, brushes, scissors, and razors come into contact with bacteria. For example, if someone has an irritation around a hair follicle and your stylist uses the same comb on you and an infected client, it could lead to serious illness.  When scissors are not properly sterilized and come into bacteria, the germs can grow and live on your scalp.


Always look to see if your stylist uses a sterilization solution.

Does your stylist stick her hand directly in the jar before applying products to your hair?

hand in jar

This can also be a cause for alarm as bacteria can develop and then be transferred to your skin. It is also a good idea to make sure that you stylist has covered any sores or cuts on their hands

Here are a few questions to consider when rating the sanitation of your salon:

Are the sinks cleaned between clients?

Do you have a freshly cleaned towel under your neck at the sink?

Is the salon clean or do you see hair, dust, or debris on the floor or tables?

Are the restrooms clean and does it have soap and clean towels?  (If not, how can the stylists wash their hands between clients?)

Assess your situation

Consider the facts and determine if your salon and stylist measure up.


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