Mafietta Makes Strides: Almost at 100,000 YouTube Views

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Mafietta Makes Strides | The Mafietta Movement is making major strides as Official Selection in 4 film festivals. In festivals ranging from North Carolina to places like Nashville and New York City, Mafietta is making its mark. The project trailer starring Hip Hop’s most recognized Battle Rapper, has garnered almost 100,000 views. HELP MAFIETTA REACH […]

Damon Dash Directs EW Brooks' Mafietta

Damon Dash Directs Pilot Episode for EW Brooks’ Mafietta

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Damon Dash Directs Pilot Episode for EW Brooks’ Mafietta  | Attending Damon Dash’s Poppington University Seminar changed the life of this Army Wife forever.  Poppington University Damon Dash enters with three dogs, his girlfriend Raquel, and a medium named Maudy – who literally speaks to dead people. After his friend channels the other side and […]


5 Ways Women Sabotage Other Women

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Are your actions sabotaging another person? Before you say, NO – Let’s look at the 5 ways women sabotage each other. I bet everyone reading this blog is guilty of at least one. 1. GOSSIP   2.  JEALOUSY 3.  FEELING THREATENED 4.  Unhealthy Relationship Boundaries 5.  Fighting For Men We’ve all been in one of those […]