Tips to Grow Your Customer Base

Grow Your Customer Base with Social Media

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It Has Never Been More Important to Understand Social Media to Grow Your Customer Base As a business owner, I understand the importance of growing your business via social media. From growing your Facebook and Instagram following to increasing your sales with digital ads, I am here to help. Check out our blog below for FREE tips […]

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Kirti Rishi: The Facebook Message that Changed My Life

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Listening to her heart and responding to a Facebook message changed Kirti Rishi’s life and connected her with a member of the Knowles family. ***** Kirti responded to a Facebook post from Mathew Knowles seeking new talent. Kirti responded with an instant message and the rest is history. Mr. Knowles has since taken Kirti under […]

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What is Mafietta Monday All About?

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  Mafietta Monday is a day created by author E.W. Brooks via The Mafietta Movement platform. WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE IN MAFIETTA MONDAY? Starting a new business can be very challenging. An entrepreneur may have the best idea in the world, but if no one buys into the idea – all their work could all […]

Will Your Good Time Cost You a Job?

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  Imagine being perfectly suited for a position, but not getting the job because you smoke or have posted something unflattering on Facebook.  The thought may seem ridiculous, but more and more companies are embracing these ideas.  Simply being qualified isn’t enough anymore. We are no longer surprised when we surf the web and find […]