The McFarlands and Honey Bun Cake Factory

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  The McFarlands are the owners of Honey Bun Cake Factory. This phenomenal couple supplies about 31 restaurants in the DC Metro area with their honey bun cakes. They also ship their cakes and accept online orders. Watch this video to see why people are doing, “The Honey Bun.”   How did The McFarlands make baking […]


Which Mafietta Character Are You?

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Which Mafietta Character are you. Take the quiz and find out. NOTE: All questions are answered under the assumption that your refrigerator is empty and so are your pockets.   Question #1 – Would you rather: Eat                                     […]

ft campbell ladies

Leading Lady Legacy Tour Comes to Fort Campbell

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To speak with Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Esq. & CPA is to speak to a woman, clear and passionate, about the mark she is to leave on the women she touches. This week, The Mafietta Movement‘s Wellness Wednesday spotlights the efforts of The Leading Lady Legacy Tour and its mission to empower others. Ms. Mitchell-Blackwell is the […]

connie on tv

The Sacred Journey with Connie Omari

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This week, E.W. Brooks’- Mafietta Movement features Connie Omari, Psychotherapist and Author of “Sacred Journey to Ladyhood: A Woman’s Guide through Her Write of Passage.” What was your goal in writing Sacred Journey to Ladyhood: A Woman’s Guide through her Write of Passage? Sacred Journey aims to assist women and girls with coming into their […]


Who is E.W. Brooks?

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E. W. Brooks is an Army Wife, Devoted Mother, Student, and Author of The Mafietta Novella Series. Brooks is the eldest of three sisters from a small North Carolina town with only two stop lights. Brooks graduated and went on to study Management at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Human Resources Management at […]

Is Your Trip to the Salon Putting You at Risk for Infection

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Is your trip to the salon putting you at risk for infection?  Answer the questions below to gauge your hair stylist’s sanitation level as E.W. Brooks’ Mafietta Movement brings you “Saturday Style.” Does your stylist use clean instruments when combing or styling your hair? If they don’t – you are in harm’s way. Combs, brushes, […]


Mafietta Movement Gets Deserving Army Wife Makeover

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Saturday Style is a weekly segment brought to you by E.W. Brooks’ – Mafietta Movement. This week we highlight a Campbell Sisterhood / Army Wife makeover by Ava Freeman of Higher Level Hair Studio and Army-Wife-to-be Kristy J (not pictured.) A few months ago, The Campbell Sisterhood sent Army Wife, Monique D. out for a […]

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What is Mafietta

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If you ask three people, “What is Mafietta?” – Each could give you a different answer and all of them would be correct. . . .so, what is Mafietta   OR MAFIETTA IS ALL OF THE ABOVE A BOOK SERIES Mafietta began as an idea in the mind of Author E. W. Brooks. A fan […]