Looking for Light Flowing Hair? Less is More.

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Photo credit Looking for light flowing hair without the weight of hair grease? Try an essential oil. Photo used courtesy of: Less is More Sometimes a light hairdress can make your hair more manageable. This product adds to the weight of the hair and slows its ability to sway naturally. If you are looking […]

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Are You Saving Those Long Thin Split Ends

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Having long hair is not the same as having healthy hair. Women sometimes try to maintain their length by saving those long thin ends when in fact they should trim them. Stylist, TeTe Little of JC Penny Salon in Albemarle, North Carolina gives us advice on handling split ends.  Split Ends Can Ruin the Entire […]


Is That Shampoo Really For You

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Photo Credit: Choosing the proper shampoo isn’t as simple as picking the prettiest or even most expensive bottle off the shelf. Understanding the difference in shampoo options and picking the one that works best for your hair texture will promote healthy hair and limit bad hair days.   This week Stylist, TeTe Little of JC […]