Sincerely, Your Hater

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Sincerely, Your Hater A Rhythmic Rant by Author E.W. Brooks   The game says, “I’ll call you when I need you. We’re not really friends.  I was at the end of my rope with no where to go so I hitched my goals to your dreams learned all I could, like how to pick up […]


PIECES : Credit Cards, Lifestyles and Fake Smiles

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PIECES: Credit Cards, Lifestyles and Fake Smiles | This month, the Mafietta Movement’s New Release Bulletin is highlighting PIECES, a webseries created by a dynamic husband and wife team. A group of women from Brooklyn, NY discover the secret world of credit card scamming and quickly take it over. However, as they rise in this […]

A Flash Mob “Steps” Out at NC Wal-Mart

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After employees at a Raleigh, North Carolina Wal-Mart were fired for striking in June of this year, they decided to make their voices heard. The group created a campaign named, “Our Wal-Mart” and delivered a petition with over 170,000 signatures to store managers. After managers refused the documents, they were met with a surprise they […]

Food Stamp Cards With NO LIMIT

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Wal-mart shelves empty after computer glitch leaves food stamp cards with no limits   What would you do if you went to Wal-Mart and your food stamp card had NO limit?  It may seem like a fantasy for some, but according to news station KSLA, it was a real life situation for hundreds of people […]