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5 Ways Women Sabotage Other Women

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Are your actions sabotaging another person? Before you say, NO – Let’s look at the 5 ways women sabotage each other. I bet everyone reading this blog is guilty of at least one. 1. GOSSIP   2.  JEALOUSY 3.  FEELING THREATENED 4.  Unhealthy Relationship Boundaries 5.  Fighting For Men We’ve all been in one of those […]

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What is Mafietta Monday All About?

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  Mafietta Monday is a day created by author E.W. Brooks via The Mafietta Movement platform. WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE IN MAFIETTA MONDAY? Starting a new business can be very challenging. An entrepreneur may have the best idea in the world, but if no one buys into the idea – all their work could all […]


HE Wants the Best for You by Lori Champion

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What compels a woman to STAY when the scale tips and the bad outweighs the good in her relationship? What keeps her in a relationship where she is neither, happy or satisfied? This is a question that has plagued many women, but we must understand that whatever the circumstance, one important fact remains true- the […]