Love and a Dream – The BC Candle Essentials Story

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Sometimes heaven opens up, hears our prayer, and sends us just what we need.

This was the case for Tyren and Nicole Roberson, owners of BC Candle Essentials.


Things Just Lined Up

Nicole T. Roberson looked up one day and realized that ten years had passed and for some reason she’d accumulated a ton of books, guides, and other tools for candle-making. She didn’t disregard this sign from above. Instead, she began to make her own candles. As time passed, Nicole found the process to be a relaxing escape that allowed her to get lost in her senses and become immersed in the world of candles she was smelling and creating.

I Have to Credit My Husband

Nicole attributes much of their success to her husband, Tyren. This graphics designing life coach used his knowledge of web and graphic design to take Nicole’s candle-making from a hobby to a growing and successful business. Nicole says one day Tyren would ask, “Do you like this design?” I would say, “Yes.” Another day he would ask, “Hey, do you like this web design?” I would say, “Yes.” This went on for a while and little did Nicole know, her husband was laying the foundation for BC Candle Essentials.


As Nicole spent more time with her candle-making, Tyren began to taken even more of an interest. Instead of looking at candles as the thing taking up all of her spare time, he saw candle-making as an “opportunity to grow closer.” Tyren says he began to “look forward to that candle stuff of hers.”

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

When I asked Nicole what it felt like to have the support of her husband in her business, she used the word – “Liberating.”  Being able to share her dreams with her husband and have them fall on listening and supportive ears was a welcomed change. She remembers mentioning her dream to, her husband, Tyren, when they were dating. “He was so positive and encouraging. My first thought was, “He would make a great business partner.”

And based on the huge smile in Nicole’s voice, one believes her when she says, “Tyren is truly my partner. “When I’m weak he’s strong and vice versa.”


This Power Couple is on the Move

Tyren and Nicole Roberson are a great team. I could feel each of them radiating in positive energy as we spoke. Parts of the conversation even brought tears to my eyes as I felt Nicole’s genuine gratitude and admiration for her husband. This couple definitely has that “IT” thing going on.

When Tyren isn’t busy helping Nicole or doing any of the many things they have going on, they meet with other married couples. While Nicole’s passion is candle-making, Tyren’s is “seeing couples stay together and do well.” He created Purposeful Life Coaching as an escape for couples and is currently working on his life coach certification.

Connect with Nicole and Tyren Roberson:

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BC Candle Essentials Official Webpage


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