The McFarlands and Honey Bun Cake Factory

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The McFarlands are the owners of Honey Bun Cake Factory. This phenomenal couple supplies about 31 restaurants in the DC Metro area with their honey bun cakes. They also ship their cakes and accept online orders.


Watch this video to see why people are doing, “The Honey Bun.”


How did The McFarlands make baking a business?

The seed for the Honey Bun Cake Factory was sown when Tisha Petteway McFarland and her husband Anthony took Tisha’s honey bun cakes to a local flea market. They sold out within ONE hour. The couple also started to bake these cakes for their family and friends. Tisha’s husband saw the potential in his wife’s baking and was was instrumental in taking the Honey Bun Cake Factory to the next level. She admits that her husband is the “brains” behind the operation.  “He is the reason the business it where it is. He’s put in a lot of late nights.”


He began by asking a local restaurant to sample their cake. The rest is history. They grew from 1-2 restaurants, to 7-8, and then 10. Now they supply over 30 businesses with their cakes.

pineapple hbcake

Try one of the 15 Honey Bun Cake flavors.

strawberry hbcake

What have you learned that will help the budding baker or entrepreneur?

Know your niche’. When business ideas come, it’s good to map (plan) things out to make sure there is a market for your product or service and/or an opportunity to take your concept to the next step. There are places out there that will help. You just have to find them.

How do you maintain a good career-life balance?

“We hold on to our Sundays. It gives us time to regroup. We set aside date night and sometimes we just stay in and order pizza. Either way it’s great that we can take time to spend with the family.”

Want to find out why the Honey Bun Cake Craze is spreading through the DC metro area? Click here to order your honey bun cake today.

You may also connect with the Honey Bun Cake Factory via their:

Twitter: @hbcakefactory

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