The Sacred Journey with Connie Omari

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This week, E.W. Brooks’- Mafietta Movement features Connie Omari, Psychotherapist and Author of “Sacred Journey to Ladyhood: A Woman’s Guide through Her Write of Passage.”

sacred journey

What was your goal in writing Sacred Journey to Ladyhood: A Woman’s Guide through her Write of Passage?

Sacred Journey aims to assist women and girls with coming into their own selves. It takes the form of professional, personal, and international experiences, and uses faith in God as a template for success. “I hope readers will learn more about themselves by reading my book.  Furthermore, I hope that I can assist them in their respective journeys to becoming individual and motivational thinkers.  I also hope to develop a sisterhood, such that those who read my book may not feel alone in the process, but rather comforted by learning from the trials and tribulations of others.”

What inspired you to write?

“I am a compassionate woman who has a story (much of which is not so pleasant) but through God’s GRACE, I have continued to succeed in life. I am a normal everyday girl, but that didn’t spare me from heartache and pain. If I can make it through some of the toughest situations, anyone can.”

Name an obstacle you had to overcome to see your dream realized.

“I have always wanted to write a book but when I first wanted to write the book I didn’t feel confident enough that I would succeed.  So I developed my craft for a few years, collected research, and improved my experience.  Once I felt competent, I decided to write when I faced a personal challenge.  It was a great distraction and motivator to make the best of my situation and it has enhanced my practice as a professional counselor.”

Connie keeps a running blog and YouTube channel for a more personal and direct opportunity for engagement. Connie’s blog provides on-going empowerment and support to assist women with becoming the best that they can be.

What’s next for Connie Omari?

Connie can be seen utilizing her knowledge and training as a psychotherapist on TV One’s new show, Fatal Attraction.

Connie was a subject matter expert on TV One's, Fatal Attraction

Connie was a subject matter expert on TV One’s, Fatal Attraction

Sacred Journey may be purchased from any of the following vendors:



Barnes and Noble

Only at Barnhill’s (Winston Salem, NC)

Park Road Books (Charlotte, NC)

Quail Ridge Books & Music (Raleigh, NC)

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