The Shaper Speaks: A Word With Travis Corpening, M.A.

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In today’s society, where some can’t see past the latest rap lyric or new pair of tennis shoes; it was quite a refreshing and empowering experience to speak with author, public speaker, father, mentor, and nationally syndicated radio host, Travis Corpening.


This member of the National Education Association is dedicated to empowering young men and inspiring them with the ideas of professionalism, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, self-branding, and the choices one must make based on those ideals. Travis understood early on, the difficulty in finding companies that work with young males and in turn, started “Young Mogul.”

This Shaper and his program, teach young men ways to overcome their circumstances by helping them to recognize that each person is chosen to do one thing. “Being chosen requires that they live chosen. When you are selected to do something, you go about it a lot differently. You feel special, you have a new confidence, a new swag. It is up to them to make it their thing every day and everything they do should be centered around that goal.”

“Youth culture is behind and the music, music videos, and video games they see most support the street theme and vision. Because our young men don’t have a vision of their own, they are more susceptible to follow someone else’s.” Travis works to help our young men move beyond and overcome this street vision via mentoring, public speaking engagements, seminars, and his company “Young Mogul.”

Travis also works within the school system to educate teachers and administrators on ways to better identify with youth culture and society as it pertains to young boys and why they act out. He wrote the book, “Eye of the Mentor: Hip to the Game,” as a vehicle to expound on this idea.

Travis can be heard every Sunday on Coast 97.3’s, “The Shaper Speaks Radio Show,” as he speaks to student retention, school shootings, peer pressure, music, and gangs. He is also available as a resource for schools, youth groups, etc.

The work that Travis Corpening has undertaken is much needed and a breath of fresh air to our communities. Best Wishes to Travis as he works to shape our next generation.

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