Three Things Every Army Wife Should Know

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Being an Army Wife means accompanying the man you love all over the world or wherever his military career may take him. It means meeting good people and great friends, but unfortunately it also means learning to say goodbye or at least I’ll see you later. Army Life can be very challenging, but it can also be very rewarding.

Here are Three Things Every Army Wife Should Embrace:

   1.  Live in the Moment In an environment where trips to the field, 24 hour duty, and deployments are a commonplace – one really never knows when their spouse may be called away to service. This can teach a person to embrace the now or worry about the future. I heard someone say just last night, “Worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair. It keeps you busy but it doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Instead, let’s learn to treasure the small things and hold our spouses a little tighter every night. Say, “I Love You.” Hold hands. Give lots of hugs. Talk. Enjoy those around you. Laugh. Smile and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to have a little fun. If you are in a new place, check out the local sites and cuisine.

  1. Be Resilient

Moving around as a military family is almost a sure thing. This can be exciting and fun or an aggravating frustration. It may even seem that once you learn your city – it’s time to go. Being away from other family and friends can also become challenging over time as people move on and part from their loved ones or new friends .

However, social media is a great way to bridge the gaps of distance and time. Skype and Google Hangout are great ways to video chat with those you love. Magic Jack even has a mobile app that allows international calls. So ultimately, there is no reason to not keep in touch with those close to you. However, while holding on to old relationships, don’t be afraid to establish new ones as you travel. Embrace the chance to meet and network with others.

  1. Take lots of Pictures

Being able to look back on good times and smile is important. Recalling positive people and experiences can be challenging to some after moving around a bit. Special events may become harder to visualize, especially if you are trying to recall what happened and when; taking pictures always leaves a way to reflect.

Saving your photos and using companies such as Snapfish or Shutterfly to create a scrapbook is a great way to create an actual scrapbook full of pictures while keeping a back-up copy on a disk or somewhere in the cloud.


**Reaching out to your installation’s MWR is also a great way to find activities for your family**

If you have other helpful tips to share please feel free leave a comment.

 This piece is written by E.W. Brooks

E.W. Brooks is the founder of the Campbell Sisterhood, a small support group for Army Wives in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The group meets monthly to discuss current events and other issues Army Wives and families face. Brooks is also the author of The Mafietta Novella Series and the creator of The Mafietta Movement, a blog designed to empower women on their journey to self-fulfillment.

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