The Wes Carr Story

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wes carr

Upcoming Nashville designer, Wes Carr is no stranger to perseverance, hard work, and faith. His story of pain and sorrow turned into purpose and determination is one we call all learn from.  Sit back as The Mafietta Movement delves into, The Wes Carr Story.

Young Wes was faced with sadness and loss at an early age. His mom was murdered in 1997 when he was only 8 years old and his small sister was only 4. He describes his mom’s marital relationship as one that began in a loving manner, but Carr says, “. . . as time went on, he became very abusive physically and mentally.”

This unfortunate story takes an even bigger turn for the worse as his mother’s body was missing for one year and her murder walked free for over 16 years. It was only in March of this year that he was convicted. However, God did not send this rain without his rainbow. Instead of remaining a bitter and broken man, Wes Car decided to channel his energy and use it to fuel his passion for designing and the inspiration for the Victoria Couture line was born.


It was always Wes’ dream to use his mother’s murder as a platform to speak out against domestic violence and this, quite simply, was his, “inspiration to do something different.” Wes’ mom was a hairstylist in love with fashion and he chose to honor her memory after reaching his turning point when the TNT Network aired his mother’s story on “Cold Justice.”

After speaking with his manager, Wes decided to make what seemed a natural transition for him. He was already a celebrity stylist, so creating a clothing line in his mother’s honor wasn’t so far-fetched. Wes began to draw out his line and each piece in his first collection began with a –V, in her honor.

Wes, the self-taught designer began by using his visions for the gowns. Then he allowed instinct to take over. “I put all of myself and personality into my pieces,” and the truth is, he has also added a piece of his mom into them as well. “I am giving all of me and pulling what I can remember about my mom.”

Wes’ subsequent movement against domestic violence has inspired many, me included. Wes credits Dr. Jewel Tankard for mentoring him and Dr. Sherry Blake for allowing him to grow with her team. These female powerhouses gave Wes the information to help him create a platform and evolve from intern to personal assistant to stylist.

Wes has styled and created original designs for Brooklyn, Britney, and Dr. Jewel Tankard of Bravo’s Thicker Than Water.

photos used courtesy of: Wes Carr

photos used courtesy of:
Wes Carr

When I asked Wes, who is a social worker by trade, to provide some tips for anyone who may be in an abusive situation – here is how he responded: “Don’t be afraid to speak out and always try to find the light in the situation. You have to find the positive because life goes on.” For more information on domestic violence check out “The Victoria Witherspoon-Carr Foundation for Abused and Battered Women.”

While we can all empathize with Wes’ Story, let us not feel sorry for him. Wes has used his story as a stage to empower the community. He debuted his Victoria Couture line 2 weeks ago in New York.


Wes Carr at Victoria Couture premier in New York

He says the momentum has picked up and Wes expects to hold a major community event to reach women and illuminate this issue next October. “Domestic violence and physical abuse are very real. You never know who is or has endured it.”

Anyone who has seen his Victoria Collection can see the love and creativity that Mr. Carr has poured intothis clothing line dedicated to his Mom.

 An original Wes Carr design

An original Wes Carr design

You are an inspiration to us all.  Your commitment to creating something GREATER than yourself makes you as asset to your community. It makes you Mafietta.

Best Wishes to you, Mr. Carr.

Connect with Wes Carr via:

Facebook: Victoria Couture
Instagram: @thelifeof_wes


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